Yannick Cherel

Yannick Cherel is a professional filmmaker who lives in Brittany, France. This self-taught enthusiast has always been attracted to shorebirds. Why ? He doesn't know it himself. But spending time in the mud, playing with the tides and getting close to sandpipers is absolutely necessary for him and that is why he learned everything about sanderlings, red-knots, curlews and so on... The videos displayed in Nature 365 result from a work carried out over two consecutive winters in the bay of Saint-Brieuc, Brittany.

For Yannick, filming can no longer be an end in itself. These images must be there to touch, speak, raise awareness. So that tomorrow, no one can say "I did not know". He does not aim at storing images as testimony to the beauty of a world that will soon no longer be, but rather to make images so that this world remains beautiful and alive.